What is Tripbook, and how does it work?

  • Tripbook is a Mileage tracker app for registering car trips. The app uses motion detection and location tracking for automatically tracking car trips, this is being done completely in the background.

Why is my mileage not being recorded in my trip tracker app?y trips are not automatically recording, how to fix this?

  • There are a few possible reasons why your trip tracker app may not be recording your mileage. Firstly, go to Settings -> Tripbook, and make sure that your location services are turned on and set to “Always”. Additionally, check that Motion Detection is turned on and Refresh on background is enabled. In the Settings page of Tripbook, make sure that the Auto-tracking toggle is turned on. If all of these settings are properly configured and your mileage is still not being recorded, try restarting your phone if that resolves the issue.

What features does Tripbook offer for tracking car trips?

  • The main features of Tripbook are: automatically tracking car trips, classifying car trips, iCloud backups, multiple device sync, report generation and adding manual trips.

Does Tripbook use GPS to track my car trips, and do I need to keep the app running in the background?

  • Yes, Tripbook uses GPS and motion detection to track car trips, but it runs completely in the background. Tripbook is optimized to impact the battery to a minimum. However, the app needs to be running in the background to register trips.

How do I create an account with Tripbook, and what are the pricing options?

  • You can create an account with Tripbook using your email address or Apple ID.

Can I use Tripbook for free, and how many trips can I track per month?

  • Yes, you can use Tripbook for free up to 20 car trips per month.

What are the benefits of a premium subscription, and how much does it cost?

  • A premium subscription allows you to track more than 20 car trips per month, and includes iCloud sync for backup and cross-device syncing. The cost of a premium subscription varies depending on your region.

How does iCloud sync work, and what devices can I use with Tripbook?

  • iCloud sync allows you to backup your car trips and sync them across multiple devices using the same credentials. This feature is available with a premium subscription, and works with any device that supports iCloud.

Can I classify my car trips into different categories, such as business or commuting?

  • Yes, you can classify your car trips into business, private, or commuting categories using Tripbook.

Can I allocate allowances per kilometer or mile for my business or commuting trips?

  • Yes, Tripbook allows you to allocate allowances per kilometer or mile for business and commuting trips.

How do I easily classify and delete trips using the swipe functionality in the trip overview screen?

  • You can easily classify and delete trips using the swipe functionality in the trip overview screen. Swiping left or right allows you to classify a trip, while swiping left on a classified trip allows you to delete it.

How can I update the mileage for a specific trip in Tripbook?

  • You can update the mileage for a specific trip by clicking on the trip and navigating to the trip details screen.

What types of reports can I generate with Tripbook, and how do I download them?

  • You can generate reports in CSV, XLS, or PDF format, which can be downloaded from within the app.

Can I manually add car trips to Tripbook, and where can I access them?

  • Yes, you can manually add car trips to Tripbook from either the main screen or the trip overview screen.

Is Tripbook available in both light and dark mode, and how do I switch between them?

  • Yes, Tripbook is available in both light and dark mode. You can switch between modes by updating this in the settings menu.

How secure is my data with Tripbook, and what privacy measures are in place to protect my information?

  • Tripbook takes the security and privacy of your data seriously. Your data is stored locally on your device and is not transmitted to any external servers. If you choose to use iCloud sync, your data is stored on your personal iCloud account and is encrypted with iCloud security measures. Additionally, Tripbook has measures in place to protect your data from unauthorized access, including password protection and biometric authentication on supported devices.